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From his failure to join a bi-partisan effort to stop Malloy's $10 million toll study, to his irresponsible use of his Citizen’s Election Program Grant, Michael DiMassa is WASTING YOUR MONEY. 

Of particular note are his disbursements listed on where, in addition to positions such as campaign manager and treasurer, he lists excessive payments to a staff member of $3,000 and a $7,450 to a “consultant”. These two payments amount to one-third of his total grant. The CEP program is designed to allow candidates to get their message out to voters, with unused funds returned to the state.


In contrast, Rich DePalma chose not to take the allowable $11,260 of taxpayer money to spend on his primary campaign. He didn’t have to spend all that taxpayer money to reach voters and win the primary. He did it by talking to as many people as he could personally, and with the help of supporters.  Now that he has received his full grant for the general election, he is spending his money to get his message out as effectively as he can. That’s where his grant money is going, to reach the voters. 

Rich DePalma has worked his entire life without benefit of political favors, and respects his hard working fellow citizens. As your State Representative he will make the right choices and help bring a better future to the people of West Haven.